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Spring Turnout

US 95, ID

Spring turnout is a time that ranchers look forward to ... it's a time to drive the cattle to spring pastures with the family.

For two ranch families in Idaho, spring turnout includes an additional challenge -- the Mink family trails their cattle through busy traffic on U.S. 95 near Cambridge, and the Jaca family drives their cattle into an area heavily used by ATVs in the Owyhee Mountains.

The Minks recruit friends and family to help drive their cattle along U.S. 95. It takes lots of helpers to keep the animals moving forward in the right direction and collect the strays.

For the Minks, it was the 71st consecutive years that they've done the cattle drive on Idaho's main north-south highway.

The Washington County sheriff was out in front, stopping motorists as the cattle moved up the highway. Friends and family drive the cattle along the north side of the highway with horses and ATVs.

They tried to keep one lane open as the cattle moved through, but sometimes the cattle would cross over to the other lane.

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