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Sheep in the Foothills

Boise, ID

Several hundred kids and adults came to the Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center in early June to learn about domestic sheep. The educational event was co-sponsored by the Idaho Wool Growers Association, the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission and Boise Parks & Recreation.

"There's a lot of people here, and they're enjoying themselves," observes John Noh, a Kimberly sheep rancher who doubled as a BBQ cook for the day. "I hear the sheep dog work down there is fabulous. I think this is wonderful. All of these people interested in sheep and agriculture. One little boy just ran by saying, "Where are the sheep! Where are the sheep!"

The event featured vendors, live music, sheep-shearing and sheepherding demonstrations, and a delicious lamb lunch. The kids seemed to be enjoying themselves. There were lots of opportunities for hands-on learning.

"The sheep are funny," a boy in a cowboy hat said. "They're cutting the fur off, so they don't get hot."

The kids liked the food too. A group of young kids were sitting around on some rocks, eating snacks. What do you like about the event today? "Ice cream!" said Challis Halloway.

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