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Noh Sheep Company

3442 Addison Ave E, Kimberly, ID

Kimberly sheep rancher John Noh is having a great summer. A long, wet spring has produced plenty of feed for his sheep, and better yet, wool prices and lamb prices are at all-time highs.

"We're enjoying record high prices for both lamb and wool. They've steadily climbed through the spring and they've pretty much stayed there," said Noh, as he checked on his flocks grazing in foot-high grass under the cover of aspen and pine trees in the South Hills, south of Kimberly, Idaho.

Last year, lamb prices were 95 cents per pound, and now they're $1.20 per pound, a 26 percent increase. Wool prices have risen from 80 to 90 cents per pound to almost $2 per pound, a 130 percent increase.

Noh is cautiously optimistic, knowing that this year's prices contrast sharply with poor prices for wool and lamb that western sheep ranchers have endured for a decade. But demand seems to be increasing for lamb and China has been importing lots of wool for its textile plants.

"It's an old industry that has seen a lot of peaks and valleys, and I think we're climbing the mountain again," he says.

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