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Lemhi Ranchers: Welcome home Chinook salmon!

Lemhi County, ID

Salmon River Chinook runs returned with a vengeance to the Lemhi River this year. More than 750 Chinook returned to their birth waters to spawn a new generation, the most since 1960.

Ranchers who raise cattle along the banks of the Lemhi River were excited to see the fish come back. They've been partners working with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the Governor's Office of Species Conservation and a host of other agencies to improve fish habitat for Chinook salmon, steelhead and resident fish.

It seemed like a perfect time to host a tour of recent fish-improvement projects in the Lemhi Valley. The tour was co-sponsored by the Idaho Cattle Association, the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission and the Governor's Office of Species Conservation, which oversees the Upper Salmon Basin Watershed Project.

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