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Jared Brackett - Ranching in a Fish Bowl

Southwest of Twin Falls, ID

Jared Brackett raises black angus cattle in a very remote area known as the Antelope Springs Allotment, southwest of Twin Falls.

He grazes 600 cow-calf pairs on 50,000 acres of federal, state and private land in the allotment. You might say that Brackett ranches in a fish bowl because he manages his cattle alongside premium habitat for sage-grouse, a candidate species for listing under Endangered Species Act. The Bureau of Land Management is under court order to manage the area with tight controls to protect sage-grouse habitat.

But Brackett, the incoming president of the Idaho Cattle Association, doesn't worry too much about that because Antelope Springs has plenty of feed and habitat for cattle and wildlife, he says.

"This is as good as it gets. We're quite proud of it. Unless you have something to hide, there's nothing to be scared of. Because in the end, the resource will show what's there," Brackett says.

BLM officials say that Brackett takes excellent care of the Antelope Springs Allotment by following tightly controlled management guidelines, which allow for a maximum of 30 percent utilization of native grasslands in the allotment.

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