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Investor improves High Range Ranch via land stewardship

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

Robert Stoll is a retired civil engineer who was looking to find a safe and productive place for his investment funds in the mid-1990s. He saw an advertisement for a cattle ranch in Hells Canyon, and it intrigued him.

"There was an ad in the Lewiston paper, and it was about that big," Stoll says. "It said this was place was available. Finally I got a tour, and I decided right then that it was pretty interesting and that this place has a lot of potential."

Stoll is an avid chukar hunter, so he was excited about owning a ranch in Hells Canyon, a place that's known for great chukar hunting. But he also liked the idea of owning a wellmanaged cattle ranch right on the edge of the Joseph Plains. The Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, all 652,488 acres of it, is his next-door neighbor.

Stoll also has a spectacular view out the backdoor of his ranch, where he can peer into the deepest gorge in North America.

"I think it's fascinating," he says. "One of my neighbors is Hells Canyon National Recreation Area -- that's about as good a neighbor as you could ask for in terms of not thinking of development. It's a totally unique place. I love coming down here."

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