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Henry Etcheverry -
A creative 21st Century Basque sheep rancher

Rupert, ID

Henry Etcheverry is a busy guy in early August, when he's shipping lambs to market. In a matter of a few weeks, he's got to drive 7 bands of sheep to three sheep corrals scattered throughout the mountains of Southeast Idaho. It's harvest time, you might say.

Etcheverry is shipping over 10,000 lambs to Mountain States Co-op, a rancher-owned meat-packing company. He likes how his lambs look on shipping day in the Port Neuf Mountains. "I think they look well. I'm pleased," Etcheverry says.

How big are they? "I don't want to guess. I'm superstitious. I'll tell you in about two hours."

Etcheverry is proud to be one of the last Basque sheep ranchers still operating in Idaho. He's proud of his heritage, proud to be growing a sheep business that his father, Jean Pierre, started from scratch.

"I'm very proud of their hard work and heritage," he says. "Men like my dad. These people who had a gleam in their eye. I'm going to do better, I'm going to make something of this. I can do it. They're driven people. And that's what I think America was made of."

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