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Care & Share program gives recreationists a head's up about co-existing with sheep, cattle grazing on public lands

The Care & Share education campaign is gaining momentum as the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission uses multi-pronged outreach methods to spread the word on how recreationists can co-exist with livestock grazing on public lands.

Trailhead signs, news media outreach and a new cutting-edge web site let recreationists know where they may encounter sheep and cattle near popular trails.

"Idaho's rangelands are a great playground and a very important work place," says Gretchen Hyde, Executive Director of the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission. "Most recreation users have no problem seeing livestock, but they're kind of confused about what they're supposed to do when they have that interaction."

Care & Share information signs at trailheads talk about the importance of:

  • Closing gates after you pass through.
  • What to do if you encounter domestic sheep and guard dogs in particular.
  • Leashing pets before you encounter livestock and guard dogs.
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