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Butch Klaveano - A Master of Multiple Use Management

Fernwood, ID
Lewiston, ID

Butch Klaveano is a master of managing for multiple use. He shares grazing lands in Northcentral Idaho with a garnet-mining operation, recreationists, Potlatch Corp., and the Forest Service. He shares his private ranchland near Pomeroy, Wash., with a wind farm, and fences off streams to protect steelhead and water quality in association with the Washington Department of Ecology.

But Klaveano understands that the public doesn't always get the multiple-use concept without a little public relations and education. This was true in the Fernwood area in Northcentral Idaho.

"With all of the people coming up here in the summertime, we were starting to get some scrutiny from people wondering, what are you doing?" Klaveano says. "They were asking the timber companies, Potlatch, and the Forest Service, why are you logging? They were questioning the cattlemen, why are you destroying property and riparian areas?"

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